written by Wanda

Audrina Patridge Is Making A Believer Out Of Me

I’ve been writing a lot about Kristin Cavallari lately and each time I do, I mention that I’m pretty hot and cold with her. The same can be said for her reality show colleague, Audrina Patridge. Sometimes I love her, other times I only kind of like her. Unlike with Kristin though, that has really been changing as of late with Audrina. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that I’m not seeing quite as many photos of Audrina as I once did or perhaps my recollection of past photo sets has been skewed by the fact that there is no question at all about how I feel about these pictures of Audrina in Las Vegas. I love them. I love everything about them. I love what Audrina is wearing. I love what she’s done with her hair and makeup. I love how she’s posing for the photos. I love it all. Audrina looks incredible here. Any doubts I had about how I feel about her are slowly ebbing away, replaced by real appreciation. At least that’s how I feel now. We’ll see how I feel when the next set of photos pops up.

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