written by Wanda

Audrina Patridge Makes Me A Fan

Audrina Patridge confuses me. I don’t like being confused. Sometimes I look at this woman and respond with a resounding yawn and other times, like now, for example, I look at this woman and I get a little excited. She’s always hot. That’s just a fact. I just sometimes find her a bit on the boring side. That is not the case here. I like what Audrina’s wearing. I like what she’s done with her hair. I like the way she’s posing on the red carpet. All in all, I’d call this particular set of photos a win for Audrina. Maybe I’m becoming a fan after all. Stranger things have happened, my friends. Take my word for it. Gotta be honest though – I doubt Audrina cares one way or another. This lady seems quite confident and has lots of fans. She doesn’t need me to be one of them although I may be soon.

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  • Audrina Patridge was not hot at all in the whole string of last week’s appearances. She needs to get rid of her stylist immediately! Shapeless was the key word! A series of lackluster but not great appearances by Audrina Patridge from the Lone Ranger premiere through the IRIE Weekend, including the Thirst Gala blue dress you’re showing. Great hair and makeup, bright smile, but constantly dressed in baggy unflattering outfits, cute but no celebrity sizzle. She appeared flattened, shapeless and sagging at each appearance. Where is Audrina’s once red carpet dominating figure? She needs a good push up bra stat to regain her once awesome shape and sassy style. No curves, no cleavage = no good, especially in Vegas! The high neckline, covered-up Mother Theresa look just doesn’t do Audrina justice!