written by Wanda

Audrina Patridge Plays DJ

I have a weird kind of thing going on with Audrina Patridge. I didn’t like her, then I liked her, now I’m just kind of bored by her. I think she’s a good looking woman but I feel like there’s something about her that just falls a little flat for me. I guess the problem is that there is never anything new with pictures of her. The same can be said for a lot of the women I post about on here but they hold my attention more than Audrina does. It’s not really that I don’t like her. It’s just that I don’t really get excited when I see her name on my assignment list. To be honest, I had to struggle to even write this post because I just had nothing to see. Audrina Patridge is hot. What’s next?


  • she fine

  • Could be because Audrina isn’t all that anymore without some help. Audrina was nice to people at Foxwoods. It would be so enjoyable to say only nice things about the day. Except Audrina did not look nearly as attractive as she used to, or could. With a good boosting bikini top like the baby blue she wore a year ago, or the white one from her recent Cabo vacation she would have looked so much better. And been the curvy amazing Audrina we love on “The Hills”. Reduced Audrina needs the boost. Without it she’s just another cute girl not the dramatic celebrity we expect. Take a look at the comparison…