written by Wanda

Audrina Patridge Stretches Before A Run On The Beach

Audrina Patridge has always been one of those celebrities I love and am sort of indifferent about depending on the day. Today? I love her. I love these pictures from LA. Sometimes I find Audrina looks a bit too thin and I worry that she’s not healthy but I’m beginning to think she’s really just an athletic sort of person. It’s also entirely possible that she’s just naturally skinny. There are lots of girls out there like that. When I turned 23, my metabolism picked up and I lost about forty pounds. I know that sounds great but I was already a pretty skinny girl so it looked (and looks) a little less than healthy. Just the way my body is, I suppose. I think that’s probably the same thing as Audrina. She looks healthy otherwise so I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt.


  • There is nothing wrong with being slim. If you’re naturally like that, then you’re naturally like that. When it becomes a problem is if you’re not giving your body the nutrients it needs so that you can achieve that shape.

  • Audrina looks healthy in these photos, and she’s exercising. She just needs to be mindful of her weight because anything she loses would really show and she’ll start to look thin rather than slim.

  • Hilda, I agree. There can be a thin line (‘xcuse the pun) between being slim and progressing into being thin. Audrina looks to be taking care of herself. However, I wouldn’t say no to her putting on a couple more pounds.


  • Reality TV personality Audrina Patridge proves she can look incredible when she wants to. Audrina looked fabulous on her PR jog. Was it to promote the PUMA workout gear? Was it to pre-promote her upcoming Las Vegas appearances? Or to try and to try and show some kind of attractive appearance after some hack hairdresser butchered her trademark gorgeous, long, full hair? Those wisps in the front are all that left.

  • FrankieT – not sure about all of that but the last is especially not so as you can see her hair is still there and still intact in some of the photos. She has it back in a ponytail for her workout.

    Hilda and Nandz – I too worry that she might progress into ‘too thin’ territory but I’m not sure that’s something she has much say over. I think she may just be a naturally slim girl. I’ve seen her looking thinner than this and it worried me but she seems to have it under control. She looks healthy so I’m happy.

  • She’s naturally slim. Fine. No problem. However, if she’s been thinner before and she’s put on a bit of weight since then, then yes she does have some say over it – because she’s proven that she can by regaining her weight.

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