written by Wanda

Audrina Patridge Strikes A Pose In Tahiti

I know a lot of people love Audrina Patridge. I just don’t entirely understand why. She’s a beautiful young woman, sure, but I don’t really feel like there’s anything all that special about her most of the time. There are photos of her that get my interest but for the most part, I respond to new photos of Audrina with an uninterested sigh. These photos from Tahiti are a bit different. Perhaps it’s the bikini. Perhaps it’s the setting. Perhaps it’s how relaxed she looks. Whatever the reason, I quite like these photos. I’m sure I’ll be back to being bored by her with the next set but who knows, maybe this is the start of a whole new celebrity crush. Only time will tell, I suppose.

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  • Wanda, it’s good to see Audrina Patridge and BMXer Corey Bohan together. They make a sweet couple! Someone should be honest with Audrina and remind her she now requires lift and support to be the shapely, unique, dramatic Audrina we know and love. With support she looks fantastic like she did at Spring Break or in Cabo last summer! Without it she’s shapeless, sagging, and matronly as she is in the Tahiti pictures.