written by Ann

Audrina Patridge’s Beautiful Front And Back Views

Audrina Patridge has a great looking evening gown and I half expected her to dance away with her Prince Charming. I love these fashion shows where you get to see celebrities trying to upstage the designers with their own wardrobe. Audrina’s choice of blue looked good with her dark hair. She did not offer much for the front view but more can be seen from the posterior angle. You can see the outline of the thong in the back view. She has a good looking butt.

Audrina Patridge Ass

Audrina Patridge height= Audrina Patridge 2.jpg Audrina Patridge 3.jpg Audrina Patridge 4.jpg Audrina Patridge 5.jpg Audrina Patridge thong Audrina Patridge 7.jpg


  • yeeah we can see thong easily :)))

  • nice thong of Audrina

  • am Masturbating about that thong!!!


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