written by Ann

Audrina Patridge’s Tiny Tank Top

Audrina Patridge went to DDC LAB, a clothing fashion line. This company used innovative ideas like making clothes out of Kevlar and envelope packing materials. She was there to shop for dresses and swimsuits. Audrina has a hot bikini feature in next week’s upcoming TV Guide. One of the cameramen teased Audrina and asked her who preferred having around. He gave her two choices – surfers or paparazzi. Audrina returned the tease by saying that the paparazzi people were multi-talented.

Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge in shorts sexy Audrina candids in public paparazzi Audrina Patridge 6.jpg Audrina Patridge 7.jpg Audrina Patridge 8.jpg Audrina Patridge 9.jpg Audrina Patridge 10.jpg Audrina Patridge 11.jpg Audrina Patridge 12.jpg Audrina Patridge 13.jpg Audrina Patridge 14.jpg


  • I give these pictures 2 thumbs up.

  • Audrina has huge fun bags.


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