written by Christine

Avril Lavigne Covers Maxim!

German fans of Avril Lavigne will be happy to see her at their favorite newsstand covering the pages of Maxim this June. Avril Lavigne goes all International this June and shows Germany, and the rest of the world, that she’s still as hot as ever. And it’s kind of funny how some girls need to bare it all to look sexy, but Avril can wear anything, or next to nothing, and look fabulous as ever without ever looking cheap. Check out Avril in the June issue of Maxim Germany, she’s on the cover and in the pages, but watch your fingers, those pages are hot.

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne in Maxim June Maxim Avril Lavigne 3.jpg Avril Lavigne 4.jpg Avril Lavigne 5.jpg Avril Lavigne 6.jpg Avril Lavigne 7.jpg


  • Avril is becoming one of those Peter Pan girls who never appear to be older than 17.

    I think this is always a good quality.

  • WOW she looks so YUMMY


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