written by Wanda

Avril Lavigne Hits The Beach In Mexico And Is Gorgeous As Usual.

When it was announced Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were leaving “American Idol” I was asked to write an article about who should replace them. I came up with ten men to fill Steven’s judge’s chair and ten women to replace Jennifer. Avril Lavigne was on that list and here’s why – she’s gutsy, opinionated, gorgeous, contemporary and I think she’d be willing to offer honest feedback to contestants. Idol needs that. Aside from that, I think Idol really benefited from having eye candy like Lopez sitting behind the judge’s table so I think Avril would be a great choice in that respect as well because come on – the girl is a total babe. In these photos from Mexico, Avril looks like she’s having a great time. I haven’t liked an Avril Lavigne song since her first album, but I still love her. I’d love to see her on Idol but I’m perfectly happy looking at more bikini pictures if that’s all I can have.

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  • Avril is so pretty. But I wonder one thing? Is part of her head shaved? Is this an older photo of her? I have never seen her like this before. I know that she is now engaged to Chad Kroger right? Good for her, she deserves to be happy.