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Avril Lavigne Shows Her Panties

Avril Lavigne tried to hide herself under a hooded jacket but her pretty pink dyed hair wanted out. She also showed her undies with her mid-waist, low slung jeans. Half the world would be searching for the “gineh” brand of panties by now. Her ass looks cute in that pair of droopy jeans. Avril wants to hide but parts of her are peeping and they want to play. She has many friends on her jacket of skulls. They reflect her rock chick attitude.

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  • What kind of panties she wear. Gineh? Im not really knew about it. But agree that her ass looks cute with that jeans. Maybe its could be more cute if she taken off that jeans and just left the panties. For sure that not only cute but hot. heh.

  • Why is Avril Lavigne hiding her face from the camera? In each one, she seems to be trying to hide her eyes, or something. I never heard of the brand Gineh either.

  • what is gineh? i never heard of it…..i hope she will buy me one…..same like what she wears….

  • Maybe that brand is her own creation instead giving the camera her full angle, she taught it better an idea to promote ‘Gineh’. Most fans will now start searching for that brand following this exclusive exposure. For what its worth hiding her face, she’s still looks cute. I like her image.

  • Maybe avril just wanna enjoy her privacy.. or maybe she had a bad hair day dat she keep hiding her head under the hooded jacket… lucky it colorful.. imagine if its the same color as the one belongs to the albino guy in Da Vinci Code… no one dare come close to her…

  • Hmm is it gineh or ginch . . . maybe she have to give me to me then. Look like she having a bad day though . . . covering the herself under a hooded jacket . . . but nice ass realy cute

  • She is always hiding from the cameras, i think she doesn’t like all that exposure…
    And yes, her ass looks very cute in that jeans, it’s time for her to wear more jeans..

  • Don’t know whether she is promoting gineh brand, but it sure looks comfortable on her. And also what’s with the hood anyway? Little blue spotted hood? Kinda of makes her look weird

  • Avril Lavigne’s panty. wow.
    She is really lovely, It would be awesome if she was wearing the jeans lil lower.
    She looks gorgeous but lil drunk.

  • The brand is Ginch Gonch.

  • Idk What u people r talking about u must be white bcause her ass is flat an dmight a say not looking good

  • avril is cool she wears low baggy pants that reveal her panties

  • avril levin is coo cause she sags her pants l but if she really wants to be cool she should sag her pants with no underwear

  • she should take off those jeans and just wear her panties or take off her panties and wear her jeans really low

  • She pulled her underwear out of her pants

  • she the sexiest in the world i wish i i can meet her once

  • they look like mens underwear, and why she would choose to wear these big ugly undies,well only she knows that avril just wear granny pantys if ur going for the ugly non femine look

  • Brigit, if Avril wants to wear men’s underwear, then let her. As long as she feels comfortable in them, then I don’t see what’s wrong with that or what’s ugly about it. That’s just you projecting. Feminine is feminine. It doesn’t always have to be about dressing up. It’s a whole lot more encompassing than that.


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