written by irene

Avril Lavigne Shows Some Cleavage

Once upon a time in West Hollywood, there was a girl named Avril Lavigne who was out and about with her female friend. Interestingly, people haven’t seen her that laidback and wearing a pair of flip flops (*gasp*) in a very long time — and yes, she even showed a little cleavage! That Avril is fast turning into a naughty little girl…and I’m sure her fans are proud of that change. Does this mean that Avril will soon wear ultra minis and beaded bras in her concerts? *gasp again* Click, click!

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne shopping

Avril Lavigne outside Avril Lavigne in public Avril Lavigne 4.jpg Avril Lavigne boobs Avril Lavigne 6.jpg

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