written by Christine

Avril Lavigne Signs Autographs

And if you are looking to see what the stars are wearing for Halloween you won’t be disappointed as they are coming out in full force. At least I am *hoping* what Avril Lavigne is sporting here is a Halloween costume. Though I am still trying to guess what it is. Any thoughts? Or how anyone recognized her is another, and she seems gracious enough to stop for the autographs. But the costume to me sort of looks like a fluorescent marker hooked up with a flag from Dice Derby and kind of threw up on her, but that’s just me.

Avril Lavigne 3.jpg

Avril Lavigne 1.jpg Avril Lavigne 2.jpg Avril Lavigne 3.jpg Avril Lavigne 4.jpg Avril Lavigne 5.jpg


  • i guess avril wears pink panties here:)

  • Nice Look!