written by Wanda

Bad Poetry About Kim Kardashian And Her Ass.

I will forgo the attempts at a haiku this time and instead, will focus on a more abstract kind of poem. I don’t kknow much about this sort of thing but I promise, it will be just as bad as my Nicole Trunfio haiku. This bad poem of course focuses on Kim Kardashian’s ass thanks to these photos of the curvy babe that were snapped in Miami. I hope you all enjoy it.

Roses are red,

Violets smell awesome.

Is that Kim K’s ass,

Or is she smuggling a possum?

That thing is so big,

It gets all the boys going.

Kim looks fantastic

With all the trunk junk she’s towing.

One more verse for Kim’s ass,

This is taking forever.

My poem sucks but the point,

Is Kim’s ass is a treasure.

Wow. I don’t even want to admit how long that took me to write. You can all thank commenter Dweeb Malloy for my repeat performance. I am to please … or disappoint. Seriously though – enjoy these great close ups of Kim Kardashian’s behind. The lady sure knows how to rock a pair of stretch pants.


  • Boinnggg! Ten out of ten for your poem! (Kim’s ass – six.)


  • Kim’s ass is huge. I dont mean just a tad bit too big I mean HUGE. And the poem is hilarious. Kim is great. But her ass is just so big and round. I am not much of an ass man when it is this size.

  • Enough about how big Kim’s butt is. So she has some extra padding there? Does not mean that she deserves to be ridiculed for it all the time. She is gorgeous and she is a very successful person. How about we look at that?

    • Is she really being ridiculed for it? My post was very much celebrating her butt and I think it should be talked about it. With so many stick thin celebrity women out there with no rear end to speak of, Kim is a welcome change. Beautiful women come in all sizes – big butts, little butts, large waists, small waists etc. Kim is a great example of a curvy woman who is sexier for her curves. She just wouldn’t look as good if she was teeny tiny.