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Bai Ling & Pink Kayaking In Bikinis

Bai Ling & Pink went paddling in their kayak. That was good exercise and workout for the camera. Pink looked well toned in her sexy bikini. Bai Ling looked her usual skinny self. Recently, she was voted as the winner of the “Fug Madness 2008.” This title was given for the worst dressed celebrity. The website that counted the votes had about 1 million votes in 10 days. So Bai Ling won the title.

Bai Ling

sexy bikini Fug Madness 2008 kayak Bai Ling and Pink workout swimming Bai Ling 7.jpg Bai Ling 8.jpg Bai Ling 9.jpg Bai Ling 10.jpg Bai Ling 11.jpg Bai Ling 12.jpg Bai Ling 13.jpg Bai Ling 14.jpg Bai Ling 15.jpg Bai Ling 16.jpg Bai Ling 17.jpg

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  • Were they filming a movie or having an affair?