written by Ann

Bai Ling’s Personal Photos

Bai Ling shared these personal photos. She showed off her slim and beautiful body. She was a good model and could wear any clothes with aplomb. This year, she has many movies in the works and a couple more may drop in her lap. We can expect to see her in The Hustle, A Beautiful Life, Razor, Chain Letter, Crank 2, and The Gauntlet. Some things are in her way and one day, if her time comes, she will get a better listing in Hollywood.

Bai Ling

personal candids sexy Bai Ling Bai Ling 3.jpg Bai Ling 4.jpg beautiful body Bai Ling 6.jpg Bai Ling 7.jpg Bai Ling 8.jpg Bai Ling 9.jpg Bai Ling 10.jpg Bai Ling 11.jpg Bai Ling 12.jpg Bai Ling 13.jpg Bai Ling 14.jpg Bai Ling 15.jpg Bai Ling 16.jpg Bai Ling 17.jpg Bai Ling 18.jpg Bai Ling 19.jpg Bai Ling 20.jpg Bai Ling 21.jpg Bai Ling 22.jpg Bai Ling 23.jpg Bai Ling 24.jpg Bai Ling 25.jpg Bai Ling 26.jpg


  • wow … she is a hottie with a body and so much more to offer… thanks!

  • Ice

  • She seems so in-love with herself. Some good shots.

  • cheap

  • Bai Ling is Sexy women, whatever she wears

  • To have a body like that at 42 is just not fair!! I am so jealous and want to you what her secret is. I do hope she can get some better material here in the future though. She has been at it long enough and I was surprised at some of the movies she has appeared in. I think I saw like 37 and that is not even counting the ones in China and Hong Kong. I better not let my husband see this lol.