written by Wanda

Bar Refaeli And Her Can In Cannes

How many ways can I saw that Bar Refaeli’s hot. I’m sure we’ll find out as more and more pictures of her in a bikini or some sort of sexy attire show up on a weekly basis. I am not complaining in the least, mind you. Who could complain about getting to see this sexy model showing off her body? I love that she seems to be taking her latest breakup with Leonardo DiCaprio in stride. Then again, she has had plenty of practice. These two are off and on more than a light switch. Here Bar hits a yacht in Cannes for a little time relaxing in the sun. If there’s a worry in her head, she certainly isn’t letting on. I love this girl.


  • her ass is bombastic!!

  • I agree, she got very adorable back!

  • 10++++++ bar thx bro