written by Wanda

Barbara Palvin For Victoria’s Secret

Barbara Palvin is most definitely one of my favorite up and coming models and shots like these from her Victoria’s Secret Photoshoots are a great example of why that is. She’s such a beautiful young woman with such an ease in front of the cameras. I love the way she can be flirty and cute in one photo then sensual and sexy in the next. While that might not seem like a big accomplishment for some, it really is. There are a lot of models that can’t pull those different personas off. I think Barbara has the potential to be very successful in this industry for years to come. I just hope she manages to avoid getting tangled up in any more scandals. Scandals may get one more attention but that’s short term. If Barbara wants a long career, the focus needs to be on her work and what she does professionally not what she does in her private life.

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