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Beautiful Bikini Pics Of Aida Yespica

Gorgeous model and reality television star, Aida Yespica hit the beaches of Miami with her son Aron recently and the pictures of the outing are among my favorite celebrity bikini pics I’ve seen in quite some time. Aida is absolutely beautiful. There’s little room for debate there but what really appeals to me about these pictures is the way she seems to be enjoying her time with her son. She lets him do his own thing but always keeps a watchful eye on him. I have never been a big fan of stars who achieve fame through reality television shows but Aida is a bit of a different story. She’d already accomplished some pretty major things in her career before she shot to fame on the Italian version of “Celebrity Survivor”, winning the Miss Venezuela title in 2002 among the biggest.


  • Aww, her son’s cute. She looks like she’s having a really relaxed day out at the beach with him. Makes me wanna join them actually. Well, I wouldn’t be in a bikini, more like a t-shirt and a pair of shorts!

  • I’ve never heard of this lady before. I agree, fabena, her son looks absolutely adorable and steals the show in my book. It doesn’t look like other people around her are that bothered by her presence, which is good ‘cos it means she can relax more.

  • Thank you Joda! BTW CalWL is a great wihildgnt setting for avatar photography if you want to try something other than default SL lighting. Also Nam’s.

  • Thanks laides!! I have already checked them out and realized exactly what I have been missing. Better late than never right?

  • thx bro