written by Wanda

Beautiful Bikini Pics Of Angela Simmons In Miami

I like Angela Simmons. I don’t know what it is about her exactly that I like about her. She’s really mostly well known for being Joseph Simmons’ (legendary musician and producer, Rev Run) daughter and appearing on his reality show, “Run’s House” but for some reason, the fact that she’s really only famous for having a famous father doesn’t really bug me that much with Angela. Perhaps that’s because she’s taken her time in the spotlight and tried to do something positive with it. First, she along with sister, Vanessa, design shoes for their “Pastry” shoe collection but beyond that, Angela also edits “Angela’s Rundown”, a monthly magazine that targets teenagers and discusses issues facing them. I think that’s really important. She seems like a good role model for the most part. Here in Miami, Angela shows off part of why I think she’s someone young girls can look up to. Sure she’s showing a lot of skin, but she’s showing it on the beach and I’ve got no problem with that. What stands out more for me though is the fact that she just looks so comfortable and casual. It doesn’t look to me like a trip to the beach is a press op for Angela. I like that and I respect that. I think there are big things in this girl’s future.


  • Another reason: she looks like she eats, which is good for girls to see.

    I didn’t watch Run’s House that much when it was around, just a couple of episodes, but of what I saw they were a cute family, and I liked Angela. It’s good to see how doing her own thing.

  • Aww, I think Angela’s adorable. She has that little sister vibe about her. I like her.

    The monthly mag is a great idea. It’s needed, I feel.

    I wonder what the tattoo on the side of her stomach says. I like script-based tattoos.

  • She sure as hell doesn’t look very happy. She looks like she’s saying “leave me alone”.

    Camii, the tattoo on her side runs about half way across her bra strap and says “Love conquers all”. My vision isn’t that sharp! I looked it up the info on Google!

  • Yep, I totally agree with you, Tanya. Women come in a whole range of beautiful shapes and sizes. It’s great to see more than just one type, and it’s important that young women see that range too. Angela Simmons represents!

  • First off I love love love the suit. It is too cute and looks great on Angela.

    Secondly, I think that it is great when children of big stars do things. It is obvious that she wants to be successful. She could just lay around at home but instead she is making something of her life.

  • she is really cute

  • nice face, nice body, she is a hot girl