written by Wanda

Beautiful Doutzen Kroes With Her Family In Miami

Doutzen Kroes started working for Victoria’s Secret in 2004 and officially became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2008 and I have been a big fan of hers since the very beginning of her time at VS. She’s just so beautiful. There’s a sort of retro vibe about her that really appeals to me. More than the fact that she’s beautiful though, I love the work Doutzen does with Live to Dance, a charity organization that aims to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention through song and dance. Here in Miami, Doutzen looks beautiful of course but she also looks so happy with her family. It’s hard to believe her son, Phyllon Joy, was just born in January of 2011. Beautiful, happy looking family. I love these pictures and I adore Doutzen.


  • Being a model, she’s probably used to keeping herself in shape. Plus she was in good shape before and whilst she was pregnant. Easier for her body to adjust afterwards. When your shape is your job, I guess you have to take getting back into shape more seriously after having a child because it’s what pays the bills.

  • Aww, her baby boy looks adorable. Mummy looks beautiful too. I’m guessing that’s her partner or husband in the picture too. They look like they’re having a lovely time together at the beach. I’m jealous of the weather in those pictures!

  • He is indeed a rather cute little fella, Luke. Phyllon is an unusual name. I’ve never heard it before. I like it. They make a cool family. I also think it’s cool Doutzen is charitable – she is giving back.

  • Her little guy is adorable. She is a pretty gal as well. Love the suit. The color and the cut look great on her. She looks like she is having a blast with her family and that is all that matters.