written by Wanda

Beautiful Kate Middleton In Ipswich

Kate Middleton is one of those women a lot of people love but she’s also a woman than a lot of people hate because a lot of people love her. Sure, I know, some people just don’t like her for reasons all their own but if I had to guess (and I sort of do as I don’t know that many people) a whole lot of folks that don’t like her don’t like her because she’s popular. It’s the same theory I have for the hate spewed toward a lot of public figured. Regardless, I think she’s lovely and I can only speak on my reasons for that with certainty so that’s what I’ll do. I love Kate because she’s classy and sophisticated without appearing stuffy or uptight. These photos from the opening of The Treehouse Children’s Hospice in Ipswich are a pretty good example of what I mean. Her smile seems to genuine. Of course, I could be completely wrong about her but I’m okay with being wrong every now and again.


  • I don’t know what Kate’s like so I don’t have much of an opinion on her. She seems cool.

    I’ve never heard her speak, but as she does more of her own engagements, we’ll start to see more of her personality.

    (p.s.: It’s Ipswich, not Ipswitch. Take out the ‘t’ there and it’s perfect.)

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