written by Wanda

Beautiful Lindsay Lohan Photo Shoot

I’m not completely positive, but I believe these pictures of Lindsay Lohan were taken quite some time ago. They look like the photos from her album but again, I’m not entirely sure. They could just be a throwback to Lindsay’s golden days. I am sure, however, that I absolutely love Lindsay and am really rooting for her comeback. I want to say one thing about her gig hosting “Saturday Night Live” this past Saturday though. Yes, I watched. No, I didn’t laugh but let’s be fair. The skits just weren’t funny. Lindsay can only deliver the laughs if she has the material to work with. I thought the fact that she showed up and delivered her lines well is a good sign. I know there are a lot of people out there hoping that she’ll fail. I’m not one of those people. I can’t wait to see her as Elizabeth Taylor. I think it’ll be fantastic.


  • She looks beautiful in these pics. And she looks healthy.

    I think it’s actually a compliment to her if you can’t tell if these pictures are recent or not.

    I hope her Liz Taylor role will be the making of her. It’s time she got some of the good stuff.

  • Love this young lady. I hope she can pull it together and keep it
    there.Her potential and beauty are limitless.

  • She’s striking here. I think she’s always been beautiful though, but in these photos, it really comes out. I too hope this year is a turning point for her. I hope she’s tired of all the drama and forges into a healthier version of herself.

  • I hope so too, Mel. David, I definitely think she has heaps of potential. I remember seeing her in a couple of films when she was much much younger and I thought what a talented little girl. She still has it. The rest is down to her.

  • Aww, beautiful. Just beautiful. I hope these are recent pictures because I see a strength, a self reckoning in them — plus yes she does look healthy (healthier), Hilda. I hope these pictures are a reflection of where she currently is in her life.

  • Wow Lindsay looks awesome in these photos. She should be very proud of herself for doing them. She has the potential to be a great star but if she does not take care of herself she will not amount to much.