written by Wanda

Beautiful Maria Menounos In Her Workout Clothes

I have that whole deal about giant sunglasses but Maria Menounos may have just shut my mouth because even I have to admit she looks pretty good rocking those giant shades. Am I bias because I adore Maria like she’s my big sister? Perhaps but the fact remains I’ve actually stumbled across pictures of a celebrity wearing the big shades that I actually think looks good in them which pretty much requires me to reevaluate my position on them entirely. Well played Maria. Anyway, enough about the shades. Let’s talk about Maria’s outfit. Honestly? I love it. She looks comfortable but sexy and I really think that’s what I like most about Maria. She’s effortlessly sexy. I love everything about this woman. I can’t wait to see her on “Dancing with the Stars”.


  • Wanda, I think you might definitely need to change your view towards large shades because over the past month or two you’ve been liking them on celebs who’ve worn them! I bet they’d look great on you too, hun! Try a pair. I dare yah!

    Maria, as always, looks gorgeous. Is she ever not smiling? Love her.

    • I actually have a pair of those shades. I got them from a fashion forward friend who wasn’t aware of my distaste for them. I’ve worn them a few times when I was out with her because she insisted but I look in the mirror and see an alien. Or a bug. Or possibly an alien bug. I generally find the same for celebs but perhaps I’ve been bias the whole time. Maybe I’ll have to dig my pair out again!

  • I really like Maria too. She seems to have such a positive outlook on life. And I find that infectious. She looks nice in her workout outfit. But to be honest, doesn’t matter to me if she wore a worn-out tracksuit to go exercise. I mean you’re allowed to do that, right?

    • I think they choose the tighter fitting clothes for rehearsals because they allow more movement for dancing. Don’t quote me on that, but I think I remember hearing one of the pros say that at some point on the show. Agreed about the positive outlook. Like Mel said, she always seems to be smiling. I think that’s what I love about her most.

  • Wanda, LOL, an alien bug! I’m sure you don’t look that bad in them, hun. Plus, what’s wrong with alien bugs anyway? Hehe! Maybe they are the future evolution of the human species….in erm a parallel world…where Michael Jackson is president :-)

    • Maybe someday I’ll put ’em on and post a picture. Don’t count on it though. :D

  • That would be cool if you did, Wanda! You could make it your avatar for a week or so. No pressure though. Do what you feel comfortable to do — but as a tribute to a fun gal like Maria, maybe you should. :-)

    • I will have to do that at some point in the near future. Perhaps when “Dancing” starts as a show of support for Maria.

  • Yay, Wanda! Cool! Yeah, good idea. You could do it then, when the show starts. I look forward to it! And if you don’t do it, hey, it’s totally cool. No pressure. But it’d be dope if you did. :-)

  • Consider it dope. I am a woman of my word. Assuming of course I’ve changed my avatar properly. Maria started on DWTS Monday. She was absolutely fabulous! Can’t wait to see her again this coming Monday!

  • I’m glad she was fab. So she can dance then. That’s good.

    And can’t wait to see you in your avatar, missy! Yay! Dope! Maybe you could do a couple of shots and change your avatar every couple of days: one with an exaggerated pout, one where you have blue lipstick on and one where you’re wearing a fake moustache! LOL! Oh, and one with a wig! Hehe!

    • I can’t seem to figure out how to change my avatar. I am incredibly bad at the internet which is kind of funny considering my profession. I’ll figure it out! I do have a fake Borat mustache from a few years back and a crazy purple wig. No blue lipstick though. I’ll do a whole shoot! Ha. I can just see it now.

  • Well, I hope you figure out how to change your avatar. :-)

    Cool, you have a Borat moustache! Go for it! Consider wearing it with the purple wig. I think the combo will look hilarious! Maria would be proud of ya!

  • Wanda! You did it! You took the picture with the shades! Yay! You look gorgeous, honey. I knew they’d suit you :-)

    • I don’t actually know how it got changed. I didn’t realize it had until you mentioned it. I guess I must have updated something right somewhere. Lol. But thank you! They don’t look as bad as I thought.

  • sexy ass mariaaa thx bro

  • I would be honored to be reincarnated as Maria’s workout pants.