written by Wanda

Beautiful Selena Gomez Relaxes Poolside In A Bikini

I have really been gaining a whole new appreciation for Selena Gomez as of late. It’s clear that she’s trying to make the transition to a more mature target audience (or perhaps keep her current target interested as they themselves mature) but she hasn’t gone the trashy route like so many before her. She might wear somewhat revealing outfits on stage or at press events but nothing that even comes close to crossing the line. You know what I like most about Selena? She gets that there is a time and a place for everything. Take her bikini shots from Rio de Janeiro for example. We’re seeing more of her in these pictures than we’ve ever seen on stage or in the red carpet and that’s the way it should be.


  • My god is her body gorgeous..

  • Who is the guy in black in some of the pictures? Maybe it’s her bodyguard. Yeah, probably is. And who is the lady she’s sunbathing with?

    In the main picture, it kinda looks like she’s looking back at her derriere!

  • beautifull Selena thx bro

  • Salena is a sexy girl!