written by Wanda

Beauty Queen Rachael Finch Gets Sexy

I’m sure someone will give me a hard time for this but I have to tell the truth. Until this set of photos came along, I had no idea who Rachael Finch was. Apparently she’s a beauty pageant girl. Not terribly hard to see why. She’s beautiful, of course, but she’s the wholesome kind of beautiful beauty pageants love. While she definitely puts on her sexy face for the camera in some of these photos, for the most part, she has a sort of innocent vibe about her that really speaks to me. I wasn’t a fan before this post because I had no idea she existed. I am definitely a fan now.


  • OMG…….Rachael Finch! Why haven’t we seen her in Vic Secret Angels?? or on some of the covers of the classy magazines??? What a waste of a truly beautiful girl!!

    What a classy, sexy, goegeous girl, she has the big X FACTOR!!!! 10/10

  • stunning

  • great looking women, such a stunner