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Becki Newton Pimps “Ugly Betty”

Rebecca Sara “Becki” Newton and Michael Lorenzo Urie are promoting “Ugly Betty” in Monte Carlo. These celebrities happen to be best friends in real life. They are also the hosts of the official podcast of Ugly Betty. Becki is talented and slipped into 3 roles in the series. She played Amanda Tanen, Ruthie and Fey Sommers.

Michael is a bit of a mystery. He has been accused of being a gay but he has refused to admit or deny the allegations. He implied that as long as he was not prepared to make a public confession, nobody should assume that he was gay.

Becki Newton

Ugly Betty Michael Lorenzo sexy Becki Newton Becki Newton 4.jpg Becki Newton 5.jpg Becki Newton 6.jpg Becki Newton 7.jpg Becki Newton 8.jpg Becki Newton 9.jpg Becki Newton ass

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