written by Wanda

Behind The Scenes Shots Of Sexy Candice Swanepoel Shoot.

Okay, I checked and rechecked this time. These photos are most definitely of Candice Swanepoel. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the photos. They’re hot. I’m not entirely sure anything else needs to be said. Candice is a total babe – one of my absolute favorite models. In these behind the scenes shots from her recent photoshoot for Victoria’s Secret in Miami, Candice looks every bit as hot as one would expect and then some. That first picture is one of my absolute favorite pictures of Candice and not just from this set. It’s probably one of the best pictures of Candice I’ve ever seen. I love this woman. Words will never be enough to describe how much.

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  • That gold suit looks great on her. She is a very pretty woman. I think that her playful attitude really shows through in these. She has a great body and a pretty face. She is looking good in all the poses above.