written by Wanda

Behind The Scenes Shots Of Sexy Miranda Kerr Bikini Photo Shoot.

Miranda Kerr is a beautiful woman. I’m not sure there is a person in the world who could deny that and these behind the scenes shots from her recent bikini photo shoot should stand as proof. This woman is a stunner. While I love finished Miranda Kerr bikini shots, I almost prefer behind the scenes shots. They’re more candid and they give us a glimpse of what the bikini shots would look like if they were untouched. That could be what I like most about Miranda. She looks just as good untouched as she does after photo editors have gotten their hands on her photos. She’s a true, natural beauty and I can’t express how appealing I think that is. I love Miranda Kerr and I love these photos.

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  • Yes you are correct that she is a beautiful person. She has a great look to her. Very pretty hair, gorgeous skin, the whole package. Men drool over her because she looks so fine.