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Beth Ostrosky Stern Looks Sexy

Beth Ostrosky Stern started her career as a model and moved on to film and television roles, but for some folks out there, she is far more well known as Mrs. Howard Stern. Yes, this woman is Howard Stern’s wife. Apparently being funny and pissing a lot of people off has its benefits. I love Howard Stern and I love Beth. I’m really rooting for these two to buck the Hollywood trend and last as a couple. Here at the Hamptons magazine cover party in South Hampton, Beth celebrates her new magazine cover with Howard at her side. I know a lot of people like to write her off as someone only famous because of her husband, but let’s not forget Beth was fairly successful before Howard came into her life. Married since 2007, these two seem genuinely happy and I’m genuinely happy for them.


  • Tough one, but i have to give the edge to aniudra (probably becuse she fills it out more)Interesting. Everyone else seems to be team Hayden. Thanks for the vote!

  • nice legs

  • great legs on her