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Beyonce Knowles At The Early Show

Some pictures of Beyonce looking great in an all black n’ white outfit performing at The Early Show.


Beyonce_CBS_The_Early_Show_2.jpg Beyonce_CBS_The_Early_Show_3.jpg Beyonce_CBS_The_Early_Show_4.jpg Beyonce_CBS_The_Early_Show_5.jpg Beyonce_CBS_The_Early_Show_6.jpg Beyonce_CBS_The_Early_Show_7.jpg Beyonce_CBS_The_Early_Show_8.jpg Beyonce_CBS_The_Early_Show_9.jpg Beyonce_CBS_The_Early_Show_10.jpg Beyonce_CBS_The_Early_Show_11.jpg Beyonce_CBS_The_Early_Show_12.jpg


  • lots of love. keep it up like that

  • i’am still wondering about the location where the performance was held

  • hips never lie!!!