written by Ann

Beyonce Knowles – Hot Stuff Comes In Tight Packages

Beyonce looks great in her compact mini-dress. She fills her sack to the brim. I like her svelte figure. Her ass and boobs have the right amount of curvature to make her one of the hottest singers in her niche. Sometimes, a modest dress leaves much more to the imagination than one that shows everything. Beyonce proves this point with her modest but hot micro mini.

Beyonce Knowles Cliff Watts

Beyonce Beyonce Knowles Cliff Watts Photoshoot Beyonce Knowles Cliff Watts 3.jpg Beyonce Knowles Cliff Watts 4.jpg Beyonce Knowles Cliff Watts 5.jpg


  • Sweet…now let’s get Beyonce in a lingerie shoot!

  • These are really great shots here. Beyonce has the best legs in the industry, in my opinion. I’m really sort of iffy about those leopard skin shoes though!

  • beyonce….just wow.
    She is the only actress who has such awesome legs.
    She is a powerhouse of a entertainer , the only one who comes
    close to matching Beyonce energy and oomph is Shakira. :)
    They just bring stage on fire.

  • have to agree she does have some incredible hot legs. they look very strong too


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