written by Wanda

Bianca Bree Has One Heck Of A Body

So I’ve seen Bianca Bree in a few different things over the years and have always liked her work. I’ve also always thought she’s absolutely gorgeous. I did not, however, know she was Jean-Claude Van Damme’s daughter. Jean-Claude is another one of those celebrities I really don’t want to like but can’t see to hate. Now that I know he is half of the reason Bianca is here, I like him even more. Bianca looks absolutely incredible in these photos. The dress is killer and her body is on fire. Perhaps part of that can be credited to genetics. After all, her father is Jean-Claude Van Damme and her mother is competitive fitness star, Gladys Portugues. I think being in ridiculous shape is kind of in Bianca’s blood.


  • she is perfect, very sexy looking and her body is sensational, love her legs, amazing

  • not heard of her before but she sure is a very good looking girl, fine figure too, great pins on show