written by Wanda

Big Brother UK’s Georgia Salpa In Lingerie Photo Shoot

As I’ve said a few dozen times before, I’m not big on reality television stars but Georgia Salpa isn’t just a reality television star. Before appearing on “Celebrity Big Brother UK”, Georgia worked as a model and occasionally an actress. It’s not hard to see how she got into modeling when looking at these pictures. The woman is beautiful – absolutely stunning. Her career has not been without its controversies though – first thanks to a rather controversial bikini photo shoot and second thanks to her decision to quit “Sleeping Beauty” via text message just a short time before it was to begin. I’m not sure I like her as a performer or really as a person but I do like these pictures so I suppose that’s really all that matters.


  • There’s something in her face that reminds me of Kim Kardashian, especially in that first picture. Do you see what I’m talking about? I think it’s in the eyes and the hair. I wonder why she quit Sleeping Beauty at the last minute. Not very professional.

  • Doug, maybe nerves got the better of her and she felt she really couldn’t go ahead with it, so she bottled out. I agree though, it’s not the most professional thing to do, especially with the way she chose to do it.

  • I hate to speculate, but I’ve heard rumors there was some sort of personal problem involved but again, I’m not sure. It’s always wise to take rumors with a grain of salt but yes, I agree with Doug and Felicia. She really should’ve chosen a more professional way of dropping out. Perhaps she wasn’t able to for some reason though. It’s a mystery.

  • Wanda, if she’s gotten to the point where she’s in a Sleeping Beauty production, then that must hint at the level of fame she’s achieved. That then means she’s more likely to have an agent. She should have gotten her agent to cancel it. That would have been far more professional.

  • Regardless of whatever she may have been going through, cancelling by text is not on. It’s disrespectful and immature. Instead of sending a text, she could have gotten a friend or a family member to call. Or as Doug mentioned, an agent, if she had one at the time.

  • Maybe you’re right, Wanda, maybe she was going through some kind of personal funk. That would explain her texting to cancel rather than calling. She could have been teary and emotional and not want to be heard blubbing over the phone.