written by irene

Bikini Clad Brooke Hogan

These photos of VH1 reality star and aspiring singer Brooke Hogan really confirm that she did get breast implants. I mean, come on! She looked painfully flat in her soon-to-be-broken-up-family reality show…but look at her now! She fits pretty well in her striped purple bikini. Do you think Brooke made the right decision to get breast implants? Do you think this will help her career? And most importantly – is she really cut out for the music business or should she just settle being a sexy C-list singer wannabe?

Brooke Hogan Bikini

Brooke Hogan Bikini Picture Brooke Hogan Pool Brooke Hogan Candids Brooke Hogan Bikini 4.jpg Brooke Hogan Bikini 5.jpg Brooke Hogan Bikini 6.jpg Brooke Hogan Bikini 7.jpg Brooke Hogan Bikini 8.jpg Brooke Hogan Bikini 9.jpg Brooke Hogan Bikini 10.jpg


  • not so bad body, but i dont like her attitude :(

  • Broke hogan is really so hotttt!
    Her songs suck though.She is really tall, has a well toned body and she is so down to earth.I can’t wait to see her boobs.
    If only Hulk Hogan was ok with she stripping for Playboy’s new edition.

  • her body looks so strong. fantastic breasts. perfection

  • hi hq-celebrity.com-ers have a nice xmas to all of you – matty mays

  • I don’t know if Brooke had her breasts done, but if she did then at least they look like they’re in proportion to her body — unlike some boob jobs I’ve seen on some ladies where they look like they could topple over with the sheer size of it if the wind blew the wrong way.