written by Wanda

Bikini Clad Maria Menounos Plays Ball On The Beach

Maria Menounos is a babe. More than that though, Maria is a babe with personality. I love a girl that knows how to have a good time and that’s definitely Maria. It just so happens she looks gorgeous as she does it. Spending a little of her holiday downtime with boyfriend Kevin Undergaro and their friend Jonathon Cheban, Maria enjoys tossing a football around on the sand before taking the game to the water. She looks like she’s having a great time and that’s nice to see. I’ve always been a big fan of Maria’s, not just because she’s beautiful but also because she seems to relaxed and laid back. She’s a woman that doesn’t take herself too seriously and I find that incredibly appealing. I’d toss a football around with her anytime.


  • The cookie lady! She was the one baking cookies in a previous post of yours! With her lovely dogs.

    I like the jewellery in her belly button.

    Like the pictures of her baking cookies, she looks like she’s having fun, like life is for living, which it so is.

    • I think the cookie pictures are still my favorite of hers but these ones are great too. She just seems like such an easy going person. I love that!

  • Some of the pics make me wanna join in! And trust me, I can’t swim nor play ball :-)

    I don’t know what she’s like behind closed doors, but she genuinely does seem happy in these photos, like she’s having a whale of a time, unpretentious, not posing, not uber conscious of how she looks.

  • woww Maria bring multitud everybody want to see her if she drop her bikini or show her tits or pussy yumiiiii Maria for President!!!!
    hot pics and viva Maria

  • Parisill, I’m personally not interested in seeing any of Maria’s lady intimates. I have my own and know exactly what they look like :-)

    I’m more interested in how she comes across really, and I like that. She seems fun and out to make the most of life. Celebrity or not, I think some of us can learn from that.

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  • i love Maria thx bro