written by Wanda

Bikini Clad Rihanna Goes Surfing

Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna. How is it that you get more attractive with each new set of pictures I get? I think you’ve reached the height of your hotness, another set comes in and there you are, even more beautiful than the last set. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I definitely think Rihanna’s vacation is paying off. The woman is looking relaxed, refreshed and like she’s having an awesome time. Here’s the deal with those rumors I shared a few posts back.
Chris Brown is denying he’s back with Rihanna. It’s looking more and more to me like it’s all media created hype. She and Chris were spotted at the same club a short time ago (I’m not sure how she finds the time!) but they left separately. What the majority of media outlets who picked up on the story failed to mention was that Chris was there with his girlfriend. You know, the girlfriend that isn’t his Rihanna? Funny how the majority of the media didn’t think that little detail was worth mentioning. All the same, I respect whatever decisions Rihanna makes in her life. It’s her business, not mine. All the same, there is a big part of me that’s happy these rumors are just that – rumors.


  • Is she not chilling with other people? The past pictures I’ve seen have been just her and her alone. Not that there’s anything wrong with a solo holiday. Just wondering.

    And, yes, I’m glad that all it was was a rumor. Glad they’re not back together.

  • I couldnt help it, it just exploded everywhere soon as i saw these pictures. Im gonna need a new chair……

  • I guess as well as a new chair, you’re gonna need a new keyboard too, BucketLoads. I’m thinking you’d have to have had your pants and underwear off for it to have exploded everywhere. My advice? Next time, keep your pants on. A lot more cost effective that way.

  • I like the chain around her waist. It’s hard to notice, barely visible, but if you really look, you can see it. I like it when a woman wears that. I think there’s something very ancient and sensual about it. Not sure what it is though.

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  • I totally approve of this swimsuit.
    Lose the coverup girl, don’t be shy