written by Wanda

Bikini Clad Selena Gomez And Shirtless Justin Bieber

So Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber kissed at the Billboard Music Awards and now we have these pictures of them roaming around in Hawaii together. I honestly have no idea what to say about these pictures. Other outlets are saying things about purity rings and all of that, but I don’t really care what these two crazy kids are up to when the cameras aren’t rolling. I think they make an adorable couple. I actually really like Selena Gomez. She’s pretty but not in the stereotypical way. Her music is fun. I think she is a good match for the Biebs. It doesn’t hurt that they’re both adorable, but I think Selena will help him keep his head on his shoulders. She seems to have done a pretty good job of keeping herself grounded.


  • Justin, please go away. You look like a child doll comparing to sexy Selena.

  • As tough and muscular as i’m sure he thinks he is i can only imagine what people who actually work out think of him.Sorry,i’m just a little jealous.HOW DOES A LITTLE D-BAG LIKE HIM END UP W/HER!?!?!

  • Frank, I wish I would know that :))

  • I agree. He is just a kid.

  • ugly beasts

  • shes fcuking way too hot for that scrawny peewee bopperboy! course hes got a 3inch pecker and millions $$$ for her , he wants selena ITB badly lolz
    he cudn’t keep his dirty hands off her sweet a55

  • I hate that boy

  • When i go there i am going rub his face in my toilet

  • Selena marry me

  • stupid