written by Wanda

Bikini Photoshoot Candids Of Miranda Kerr

Motherhood has been very kind to Miranda Kerr. I thought she was hot before but she was always just a bit too skinny for my tastes. She’s filled out a little bit since having baby Flynn and I think she looks sexier than ever. She has curves now. She has a shape and I really like that. Here in these Victoria’s Secret bikini photoshoot candids, you can really see that Miranda is in fantastic shape for someone who had a baby only a few months ago, but you can also see that she has a more womanly figure than she did before getting pregnant. She seems very comfortable with herself and I love that about her.


  • i like she

  • Wow sexy tv star.. Celeste Thorson would look better in that bikini post. She’s sexier than other hollywood star.

  • ohhh nice ass miranda thx bro