written by Wanda

Bikini Pics Of Brooke Hogan

Not long ago, I was writing a post about Brooke Hogan in which I talked about her need to wear less makeup. This is why I said that. She looks so much better in these pictures than she did in the set from her PETA poster launch. Here in Miami, Brooke looks fresh faced and natural. She has a nice enough body and most importantly, she doesn’t look like a woman pushing forty. I want to like Brooke but it’s hard. These pictures make it easier though. She looks like a normal girl relaxing with some friends. I like that. Hopefully the next time she hits the red carpet or attends some sort of event, she’ll leave some of the makeup at home and stick to a more natural, more appealing look.


  • Ive always thought of Brooke as a hot babe but it was her over all shyness thats is really sexy.

  • she is fit id love to bang her

  • Got any pics of her mother linda?

  • she is big boned, a really strong, healthy body, she is very fit

  • id love to shag this girl

  • now that is a real women, what a body, she is fantastic

  • great figure

  • id plow her all day and night