written by Wanda

Bikini Pictures Of Julianne Hough

I know I say this every time new pictures of Julianne Hough pop up, but it’s always true – I love this girl. She’s sexy, athletic and seems to be the kind of girl that just likes to have a good time. It’s clear when you see her dance that she just genuinely loves dancing so that’s what she does, as evidenced by her stint as a pro on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. She also seems to enjoy acting so she’s getting into that. Even her country music career was fun, even if I wasn’t crazy over the actual music she performed. She’s the type of girl that seems to have fun no matter what she does and that’s just as true as ever in these pictures of Julianne enjoying a little time in the water in Miami. I love her spirit and her attitude. Definitely one of my favorite female celebrities.

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