written by Wanda

Blake Lively Flashes Some Leg And A Little Bum

If I had to choose my biggest problem with who I am as a person, it would be that I’m too honest. While that might sound like a cop out ‘job interview’ answer it’s true. Honesty gets me in trouble sometimes. I fear this may be one of those times. I don’t like Blake Lively. She she’s hot and she has gorgeous legs, but there’s really nothing about her that grabs my attention. She kind of reminds me a bit of Kate Hudson. I love Kate Hudson but the entertainment industry already has one of those. Do we need another? Maybe I just need to give her more of a chance. As it stands, though, I’m not sure I can see her being a name we hear around Hollywood for much longer. I do like the name Blake though. At least there’s that.

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