written by Wanda

Blake Lively In Sexy Lacy Gown

Blake Lively, here on the set of Gossip Girl, is a budding fashion diva and with good reason. Blake personifies the new grace in Hollywood; the younger set who are breaking away from their trashier peer and doing something more unique. She carries herself with easy poise and elegance. She’s not afraid to be sexy but knows she doesn’t have to flaunt her body every chance she gets to prove herself. The rest of young Hollywood could take notes from this one. Sure she has a stylist who probably chooses every outfit Blake wears carefully, but kudos to Blake for having the kind of confidence needed to pull off the look. In certain circles, Blake isn’t talked about as much as the Momsens and the Cyruses of the world, but in a few years, Blake’s name will still be relevant while some of her more overtly sexualized peers will have to work much harder to stay in the spotlight. Sex only sells for so long before a younger, hotter poptart steals the show.

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