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Blake Lively Wet Wild White

Malibu saw a bunch of ladies – including pretty Blake Lively – getting wild and wet in white clothes or should I say in white oversized men’s dress shirts? Judging by these photos, I guess Blake and the other girls were in a photo shoot of sorts, unless they really just wanted to get wet while in white shirts rather than in white bikinis. Oh wait, they really were wearing white bikinis underneath those oversized shirts. Blake should’ve just worn the bikini and nothing else. That would have sent all the photogs doing double takes!

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is wet Blake Lively in a bikini Blake Lively, all white Blake Lively 5.jpg Blake Lively 6.jpg Blake Lively 7.jpg Blake Lively 8.jpg Blake Lively 9.jpg Blake Lively 10.jpg Blake Lively 11.jpg Blake Lively 12.jpg Blake Lively 13.jpg Blake Lively 14.jpg Blake Lively 15.jpg Blake Lively 16.jpg Blake Lively 17.jpg Blake Lively 18.jpg

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  • That’s Blake Lively, Emma Roberts, Kristen Stewart, and Amanda Seyfried….a combination to give any guy a boner!


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