written by Wanda

Blue Haired Katy Perry Filming An Adidas Commercial

So I suppose I have to mention Katy Perry’s impending divorce from Russell Brand. There, I’ve mentioned it. Let’s move on. I think Katy is an absolutely adorable young woman that is complete, one hundred percent in control of her public image and how she wants people to see her. She can play up the sex appeal when she wants to but she can also play it down and look like the cute girl next door. She can be edgy. She can be outrageous and, as these photos of her filming a commercial for Adidas show, she can be just another normal girl working out. Sure she has blue hair but a lot of people like to play with their hair color. When I was in my teens, I used to dye my hair all sorts of crazy colors just to change things up. I love Katy and wish her nothing but continued success.


  • It’s a shame Russell and Katy have split, but stuff happens. Such is life. I thought they made a nice couple, similar to each other in some ways. At least they didn’t have any kids, which I think would have made the separation more painful.

  • Only Katy can get away with blue hair! She changes her hair color a lot, which is cool, but I wonder what it does to the state of it.

    She seems to have moved on, or is doing what she can to move on. But I do hope she gives herself time to grieve the end of the relationship.

    p.s.: The lady running with her is cute.

  • I too like how versatile Katy is. One minute she’s all goofy, the next she’s real sexy, the next time she’s got her heart on her sleeve (remember the song Firework?). I love her live performances too. You never know what to expect.

  • Katy’s gonna be just fine. She’s a fighter. As for the Adidas commercial, I look forward to seeing the finished product. I’m sure it’ll be cool. I mean it won’t make me go and buy any Adidas stuff, but I like watching adverts (well, the interesting ones anyway).

  • I agree with all three of these comments completely. You three are very insightful. Always a pleasure to read your comments. And yes Kitin, Firework is one of my absolute favorite songs. It always makes me feel stronger.

    I also just want to say I definitely agree with Aldikoo and Diane, She seems to be doing well after the split. She seems like the kind of girl that’s strong enough to handle anything. I really liked her and Russell together though.

  • Love Katy perry – she would look great in a blue mojito designer kaftan

  • hot, the mixed race chick next to her looks really nice too