written by irene

Braless Beyonce Knowles

Pop diva Beyonce Knowles got everyone’s attention in a recent press conference at the Hyundai Department store in Seoul. Why can’t she when she apparently does not have a bra on? A braless Beyonce can certainly tease a lot of guys’ imaginations and can rev up so much interest not only for whatever she has to say but for whatever she has to endorse as well. Wonder what Beyonce was promoting in Seoul? One thing’s for sure, though – her super red lips sure are blinding!

Beyonce 10.jpg

Beyonce 1.jpg Beyonce 2.jpg Beyonce 3.jpg Beyonce 4.jpg Beyonce 5.jpg Beyonce 6.jpg Beyonce 7.jpg Beyonce 8.jpg Beyonce 9.jpg Beyonce 10.jpg Beyonce 11.jpg Beyonce 12.jpg


  • Beyonce Knowles is a rocket!

  • that is so sexy!!!!!!!!1

  • For sure Beyonce is the answer to every poor boy’s dream and every rich man’s prayer. if sexyness and beauty was measured by a single grain of sand Beyonce would be an oceanfront or if beauty and sexy was measured by a single star Beyonce would be the midnight sky. Dam!!! the girl is not just the milk and the honey, but she is the milk and the cream and the honey and the sugar. Dam!!!