written by Wanda

Braless Olivia Wilde Hangs Out On The Beach With Her Dog.

Ugh. Olivia Wilde is so sexy and so cool that she actually gives me a headache. I look at her and I wonder why I can’t be more like her. Did you know Olivia once one a pancake eating contest? That’s right – the petite and sexy lady in these photos could likely eat more pancakes than you. I don’t know why I find that impressive but I do. I also love that she took her name from Oscar Wilde. Nope. She just couldn’t be cooler. I love the fact that she doesn’t seem to be hung up on being perfect. She’s braless. So what? She has no makeup on. Who cares? This woman is the epitome of not caring what other people think about her and I don’t think there’s a thing in this world sexier than that.


  • LOL that is funny that she once won a pancake eating contest. It just goes to show you that stars are normal like us. I could not imagine her eating a lot but that is still very sexy that she is not afraid to put away some good food.

  • Well now she really does not need a bra does she? She has nothing to hold up, lol. She does look good and I can not believe that she won a pancake eating contest. Too funny.