written by Wanda

Brand New Kendall Jenner Photoshoot.

I’m not a fan of the Kardashian clan in general but I quite like Kendall Jenner. Her family has enough money to ensure this girl never has to work a day in her life yet she’s still out there working. She’s not working at a shop downtown or flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant but she’s still doing something other than just living off her family’s money. If blessed with the same opportunities Kendall enjoys, many girls her age certainly wouldn’t be out earning their own money. In this photoshoot at Darling Hotel in Sydney, Kendall looks pretty adorable. She isn’t trying to be super sexy in this shoot which is one of the issues I had with some of her other shoots. Instead, she’s just looking like a normal girl her age. I like that and I love these photos.



  • I love the Jenner girls. I think that it is great that they each do things to help make them money. NO doubt that they would most likely never have to work for anything but they are responsible young ladies who want to make their own money.

  • she is very nice

  • stunning young lady, nice and tall too, she must be 5’10ish or a bit more im guessing?