written by Wanda

Brandi Glanville Shows Off Her Stunning Body

With the announcement that Brandi Glanville will be joining the cast of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ for its second season, she went from being a celebrity known only as the woman Eddie Cibrian left for LeAnn Rimes to being a future reality TV star in her own right. I was going to say reality TV has-been but that seemed a little pessimistic. There are tons of examples who have turned their stint on reality shows into successful careers elsewhere in the entertainment industry. Okay, maybe not, but I guess we’ll see. Here in Los Angeles, California, Brandi shows off her stunning body in a black bikini. You know what that means. Any day now, we’re going to see sexy pictures of LeAnn Rimes in a black bikini. Can’t wait!


  • True, absolutely stunning, and she must be around 40. This is a real body of a woman in good condition.

    • Agreed. There is no denying that she’s stunning. I feel bad for her in a lot of ways. I think she got a raw deal in the press. At the same time, it’s pretty hard to feel a bad for a woman that looks that ridiculously hot in a bikini.