written by Wanda

Bridget Marquardt In Pink Bikini

I’d like to preface this by saying I know I’m in the minority on this one. I don’t really like Bridget Marquardt. It’s not that she isn’t pretty and it’s not that she doesn’t have a nice body. Clearly she is and she does, but there’s just something about her that doesn’t sit right with me. It’s not the fact that she dated Hugh Hefner, either. I like Holly Madison and, until “Dancing with the Stars”, I really liked Kendra Wilkinson. I just don’t like Bridget. For that reason, I’m not going to say anything about Bridget possibly gaining weight because I’m not sure if that’s just her body type or if it’s a new development. Either way, the pictures are hot – just not as they could be if someone else was in them.


  • she actually is very beautiful.

  • This babe is like a new version of Pamela Anderson! But you’re right, it is really obvious that she’s trying to imitate other famous blond bombshells before her and that just isn’t quite the same as being original. I liked Kendra better too, she had more character.

  • Big help, big help. And supealtrive news of course.

  • she could gain 30 pounds and still be perfect, Bridget is boner of the year, hands down, her smile is heart warming and the eyes are amazing,
    if i had a chance to get with any woman, it would probably be Bridget

  • It is obvious that Bridgette is the oldest of the girls and is evient in many ways. TO say that she just doesn’t cut it, is truly heartless from the very shallow viewer above. Her body type does pad considerably differently than her younger counterparts….However,those with advanced tasting skills, like to call and revere that as pure woman-ness aged to perfection in so many of magical ways. Her demure beauty is just lovely and the plastics of her are very minimal. Although i enjoy Holly in many ways, i must say all things considered, i love Bridgette best. A beauty indeed! ~Cheers Darling!

  • While she is very pretty, she is not as pretty as some others. She looks like she is trying way to hard. And I do not like the one bikini with the dress with it, the hot pink one. Looks awful on her.

  • Anyone that dated Hugh Hefner in my book is just gross. Ewe. could you imagine dating someone to be old enough to be gramps. Guess then we have gramps and a tramp, lol. Sorry I know it is not nice but gross.