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Britney Shows Off Nice Legs

Britney Spears is back in business. It seems that wearing impossibly short skirts is an inevitability when you´re a Hollywood starlet.

Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_1.jpg

Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_2.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_3.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_4.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_5.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_6.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_7.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_8.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_9.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_10.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_11.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_12.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_13.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_14.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_15.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_16.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_17.jpg Britney_Spears_candids_Los Angeles_18.jpg


  • With babes or not shes still continues hot and sexy.thanks.

  • damm hot body

  • Thank you Britney for the amazing stockings you wear, for getting into the cars the way you do while exposing yourself for our pleasure. For making every effort to show us appreciative fans your pantyhose crotch and urging us on to a climax. Wearing the clothes that make men touch themselves. You little bad girl… keep it up and so will I. Every woman looks better in sheer pantyhose!